About Forward Together

The Forward Together team elected then-New Democratic Member of Parliament Kennedy Stewart as Mayor of Vancouver in 2018. Stewart ran as an independent candidate backed by a team of long-time federal and provincial NDP organizers and activists from across Metro Vancouver and the Vancouver and District Labour Council.

Despite a highly-toxic and partisan council environment, Stewart and the Forward Together team managed the city through the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, oversaw a record number of affordable rental housing approvals, convinced council to adopt the strongest renter protections in Canada in the new 500-square block Broadway Plan area, secured over $1 billion in social housing investments, achieved drug decriminalization, accelerated the timeline for completing the Broadway Subway to UBC, and further embedded Indigenous reconciliation in city practices.

In 2022, Stewart stood for re-election along with six Forward Together council candidates: former BC NDP Premier David Eby staff person Dulcy Anderson; former BC NDP candidates Tesicca Truong and Jeanette Ashe; Stewart’s communications director Alvin Singh; Vancouver Kingsway federal Liberal Party electoral district association chair Russil Wvong; and accessibility advocate Hilary Brown.

We are currently working on five projects as we prepare for the 2026 municipal election:

  • Building more affordable housing and protecting renters
  • Ending the war against drug users
  • Tackling the climate emergency
  • Improving local democracy
  • Becoming a true city of reconciliation

Forward Together has 30,000 active supporters and has raised over $1.5 million since 2018.

Join us today and help make Vancouver a city for everyone