Video: Vancouver is moving forward, for all of us

We’ve done a lot together over the past three years and we have more to do to build a more affordable, sustainable and vibrant city.

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Mark Hosak
November 05, 2021

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Hey Vancouver

Mayor Kennedy Stewart here. 

We’ve done a lot together over the past three years and we’ve got a lot to be proud of.

First, I really want to thank you for pulling together to fight COVID-19:

💉Because of you, our city has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and we’re closer than ever to fully re-opening and getting back to the people and places we love.
🏢 Every day, 35,000 more people head to work than during the height of the pandemic.
🚇🚌 We have the strongest economy and lowest unemployment rate of any major city in Canada and folks are getting back on the Skytrain and busses.

I’ve never been more proud of our city.

Thanks to you, Vancouver is moving forwardIn addition to fighting Covid-19, you also empowered me to fight for the housing investments we need.

When I was young, my family fell on hard times and we lost our home. It was a terrible thing to go through and I know none of us want families to face that kind of stress and disruption.

In my first three years as mayor, I’ve secured a record-setting $1 billion in housing investments that will deliver 10,000 new homes – helping everyone from those facing homelessness, to working families, to seniors.

And my move to triple the empty homes tax has taken over 4,000 homes out of the hands of speculators and returned them to first-time buyers and renters.

Together, we’ve accomplished a lot. But there’s still so much more to do.

That’s why every day, I’m fighting to move Vancouver forward:

🏠Bringing back homeownership for the middle class.
🚑Saving lives from the overdose crisis.
🌎Taking action on the climate emergency, reconciliation, and equity.

I’m Mayor Kennedy Stewart, and together we can build a Vancouver that is more affordable, sustainable, and vibrant.

A Vancouver that works for all of us.