Promise Tracker: Support for Transit & Small Businesses

  • Throughout COVID, Mayor Kennedy Stewart hosted a series of recovery roundtables with members of the Tourism industry and Port of Vancouver. We continue to work together to prepare for the end of the pandemic and welcoming the world back to Vancouver.

  • Mayor Kennedy Stewart was proud to support Council work to expand neighbourhood grocery stores and smaller storefronts in new developments. The recently passed Rental Incentives program will also help expand retail opportunities throughout the city.

  • In April 2021, Mayor Kennedy Stewart asked Council to create a City Manager-led task force to speed up the permitting process in Vancouver. The task force has a 1 million dollar budget to bring monthly recommendations to Council that will speed up and modernize the permitting process.

  • Thanks to Mayor Kennedy Stewart's advocacy work, the Government of B.C. announced they would remove fees for those under age 12, partially fulfilling the All on Board campaign Kennedy Stewart supported. Mayor Kennedy Stewart continues to work with Translink's Mayor's Council to further expand this work.

  • Thanks to a partnership with Ottawa, Mayor Kennedy Stewart is taking the next step with a commitment from the Federal Government to help fund the first stage of work on the UBC SkyTrain extension.

    In March 2022, Mayor Kennedy Stewart called on hundreds of Vancouverites to write into council to support the proposed UBC SkyTrain extension route and help pass it over NIMBY opposition.


  • Due to COVID-19, many co-working spaces were forced to close. However, Mayor Kennedy Stewart continues to work to support our high-tech sector, which contributes to well-paying jobs in our city.