Three climate wins for Vancouver

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Kennedy Stewart
March 30, 2021

Climate change is real, and Vancouver needs support to make investments to fight it. This month we celebrated three big wins to help our city create green jobs to help us recover from COVID-19.

 1) Canada unveils first-ever active transportation fund

It was my honour to join Minister Wilkinson and Mayor of North Vancouver Linda Buchanan to welcome $400M in dedicated active transportation funding.  Vancouver is already leading the way with the majority of trips made via walking, rolling, biking & transit. These funds will help us get even further while creating good-paying jobs for local residents.

I cant wait to see the funds used on the ground

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2) Canada's carbon tax ruled constitutional

This month, the Supreme Court ruled Canada's carbon tax law is constitutional, saying, "It is critical to our response to an existential threat to human life in Canada and around the world."  Vancouver not only backs a national carbon tax but relies on it to take climate action. The science is clear, as is the opinion of Canadians. Now our Supreme Court has spoken. It's time to move forward together, to fund the projects and create the jobs we need to fight the climate crisis. 

Find out more about the ruling here:

3) More infrastructure money will help Vancouver create jobs and recover from COVID-19

The federal government is doubling their investment of Gas Tax revenue in cities which means an extra $2.2-billion this year for municipalities and First Nations communities. 

This new funding is excellent news for Vancouver! The best way to kick start our recovery is for Canada to work directly with cities on shovel-ready projects that create jobs now and leave lasting benefits for generations.

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