Tell TransLink you support the SkyTrain to UBC

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Brennagh Bailey
May 02, 2022

Thanks to your support and feedback to City Council last month, we got approval forthe UBCx transit extension of the Broadway Subway all the way to the University of British Columbia. As you well know, the new UBCx line will support local businesses, take thousands of cars off the road and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Now Translink has announced UBCx is one of their top priorities for the next ten years and has launched a survey to measure public support for their plan!

We need you to take this brief survey before the May 4 deadline for public input, so Mayor Kennedy Stewart and the Forward Together team can take the next step in making the UBCx subway extension a reality

In question 5 of their brief survey, tell Translink you support the plan to extend the subway line to UBCx. Also, make sure to include support

The work we have done together so far has got us to this point, and now is the time to take the next step by showing TransLink that you strongly approve of the UBCx extension.

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