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  • The Broadway corridor is home to 1 in 4 Vancouver renters. Mayor Kennedy Stewart has a plan to give them the strongest renters' protections in Canada as we welcome 50,000 new neighbours. Show your support for the #BolderBroadwayPlan
  • Please ask Vancouver City Council to support taking bold action on the affordable housing crisis.
  • Join Forward Vancouver today to help re-elect Mayor Kennedy Stewart and power his policies to make Vancouver work for everyone. If you have a passion for politics and for making...Read More
  • 100% of your donation goes towards supporting Mayor Kennedy Stewart's work to make Vancouver a city that works for everyone!
  • Check out all the ways you can get involved and help make Vancouver a city that works for everyone.
  • Please ask the federal government to decriminalize simple possession of all drugs through a federal health exemption
  • Help Mayor Kennedy Stewart make Vancouver work for everyone! Sign up today!
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