More than 130 new supportive homes coming to Vancouver

Team Kennedy Stewart is pleased to announce a proposal for more than 130 new supportive homes coming to Vancouver

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February 15, 2022

Mayor Kennedy Stewart is happy to announce that, in partnership with the provincial and federal governments, the City of Vancouver has begun consulting with Vancouver communities to propose two new permanent supportive housing developments in the city.

The goal of this project is to give those Vancouverites experiencing or at risk of homelessness access to 136 new homes with 24/7 support services. These services will include health care, food services, laundry, life-skills training and employment training and preparation. This is the first of many crucial steps towards ending homelessness in our city.

“Far too many of our neighbours in Vancouver remain unhoused and we are working as quickly as possible to change this,” said Kennedy Stewart, mayor, City of Vancouver. “We know that when people have access to housing with life-saving supports, it creates inclusive communities for everyone. We are grateful to the provincial and federal governments for investing in this urgent need.”

The two proposals include:

  • a six-storey building with 64 new homes located at 2518 and 2538 South Grandview Hwy., managed by Community Builders; and
  • a six-storey building with 72 new homes located at 1925 Southeast Marine Dr., managed by the Kettle Society.

These non-profit housing operators are both experienced in providing supportive housing, and would provide customized support to meet the unique needs of each resident. Staff would be on site 24/7 to support residents with their health and wellness.

All new homes would be studio apartments with a private bathroom and kitchen. Buildings would also include amenities, such as shared laundry, a dining area and space for programming. Modular design will allow for easy and efficient assembly on site, making quality, permanent housing that is delivered as quickly as possible.Consultation is already underway with the local communities, and project details are being shared to determine the best way to foster these inclusive communities. 

Together, we are moving Vancouver forward and creating a city that works for everyone.

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