Forward Together’s housing plan is the most ambitious in our city’s history. It’s big. It’s bold. It helps build a city for all of us. Sign your name in support of our five-point plan to build affordable homes, protect renters, and fight speculators.

Five-Point Housing Plan

  1. Approving and enabling 220,000 new homes over next ten years, including:
    1. 140,000 market rental, below-market rental, social housing, and cooperatives
    2. 40,000 new ground-oriented homes for purchase by the middle-class
    3. 40,000 full market condos or townhomes for purchase 
  2. Extending the toughest renter protections in Canada across the whole city and continuing to add permanent vacancy control to many new rental units
  3. Modernizing the public hearing and permitting process to be more efficient
  4. Creating new specialized project approval teams for large impact projects 
  5. Maintaining the Empty Homes Tax at at least five per cent, focussing revenues on providing homes for women and children, including those fleeing violence

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Councillor, Squamish Nation

"Kennedy Stewart's housing plan is a bold commitment that will move our city in the right direction."

Mike Harcourt

Former Mayor of Vancouver and Premier

"Housing is the key election issue and the best way to provide Vancouverites with affordable housing is Kennedy Stewart and his team's plan."

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