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Russil Wvong

Candidate for City Council

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I was born in Vancouver, grew up in Burnaby, and went to high school in Pitt Meadows, graduating from the University of British Columbia at the age of 18. I’ve worked as a computer programmer ever since. My wife and I live in a townhouse near Main St. and King Edward Ave., and we have two kids who are now young adults.

As a parent, I'm extremely concerned about the housing shortage.

Housing in Vancouver is really scarce and expensive, whether renting or owning, making us all poorer and worse off. People go where the jobs are, so there's always people moving to Vancouver. We need more housing, from social housing to secured market rental, from condos to co-ops.

Even homeowners with paper gains don't feel rich, because you need your home to live in. It's especially bad for younger people and renters. Where are our kids going to live?

I'm supporting Kennedy Stewart because he's consistently voted “Yes” to housing, and he's also pushing to deliver housing faster. Vancouver needs more housing.


I support Russil Wvong because he is smart, efficient and energetic. Russil understands that attaining affordable housing for everyone requires both publicly-funded housing and very substantial private sector building.

Krishna Pendakur
Professor of Economics at SFU

Russil Wvong both listens and responds with respectful argument. He’s authentically ready for public service. I don't have to always agree with him to know I'd still vote for him.

Gordon Price
Former city councillor