Moving Vancouver Forward Together



Mayor Kennedy Stewart and his Forward Together team have unveiled their full platform, Moving Vancouver Forward Together. The platform will substantially increase the supply of affordable housing, expand the strongest renter protections in Canada, double the number of childcare spaces, make the city safer and healthier, and tackle climate change.

"In this tight election, voters have a clear choice – do we want a Vancouver where only some people get ahead, or a city that is built for all of us?" said Forward Together mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart. “Forward Together is the only party that has committed to significantly increasing affordable and rental housing, building 6,000 new childcare spaces, and extending the strongest renter protections in Canada right across the city.” 

The last mayoral race was decided by fewer than a thousand votes. A Research Co. poll indicates the two front runners, Kennedy Stewart and Ken Sim, are in a statistical tie. 

“Last election, Ken Sim’s only answer to the housing crisis was basement suites,” continued Stewart. “He opposes affordable housing projects. He opposes overdose prevention sites. He opposes protections for renters. He and his new ABC party are making a lot of promises, but his NPA record speaks loud and clear.”

“The pandemic has been tough on Vancouver and many people are struggling, but we need to recognize that the majority of the challenges we’re facing are linked to poverty, mental illness and addiction,” said Stewart. “What we need is more housing, wrap-around services and drug treatment centres. There is a clear choice in this election, my opponents think we can arrest our way to becoming a better city. I believe we can create a safe, healthy and caring Vancouver for all of us by addressing the root causes of our challenges.”