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Kennedy Stewart

Mayor of Vancouver

I love this city. Vancouver has given me everything and I want to do all I can to make it a city for everyone. I know it’s tough to live here, especially when it comes to finding housing. When I was a kid, my family fell on hard times. We lost our home and I struggled to find secure accommodation even into my 30s.

That’s why I am doing everything I can to address our housing situation and help those who need it most. Building more of the right kind of housing - secure market and below market rental homes instead of luxury condos. Social housing investments instead of developer profits.

I arrived here in the 1980s on a one-way ticket from rural Nova Scotia and $100 in my pocket. I ran a printing press and delivered beer until I was able to afford to go to university and become a professor at SFU. That’s where I met my wife Jeanette and Jack Layton recruited me to serve with him as an NDP MP in Ottawa - until you elected me mayor.

That’s the life Vancouver has given me and I want everyone here to have the same opportunity.