Ken Sim’s Misleading Road Tax Ads Pulled Off Airwaves

Local radio stations respond to evidence showing ads were deliberately misleading the public

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Mark Hosak
September 15, 2022

VANCOUVER, BC; September 15, 2022 – ABC mayoral candidate Ken Sim’s misleading road tax radio ads have been pulled off the airwaves by prominent Vancouver radio stations. The ads falsely allege a City plan to implement a road tax in Vancouver’s downtown. 

Pattison and Rogers Media took the ads down on September 7 in response to evidence provided by Forward Together establishing that Ken Sim’s ads constitute a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. 

"Ken Sim has been caught misleading voters. This raises serious questions about how he would manage city affairs," said Forward Together Mayoral Candidate, Kennedy Stewart. 

"I have been clear that I do not support this tax. It’s inequitable. And the city doesn’t have the authority to do it," continued Stewart. "The fact that Ken Sim knows this but chose to run his fake road tax campaign anyway is telling – Ken Sim can’t be trusted."

Stewart said that Sim’s false and misleading claims are part of a pattern that has emerged in the first weeks of the campaign. 

In particular, Sim’s claim that he has identified more than $330 million in "non-core" city services to cut and reallocate does not hold up to minimal scrutiny.

"A $330 million cut to Vancouver’s budget is an axe to vital public services, from the opioid crisis response to childcare, from climate change mitigation to housing for the homeless,” said Stewart. “Ken Sim must come clean on what he intends to cut."

"Ken Sim owes the people of Vancouver a clear answer to a simple question: Who is going to be harmed to pay his promise to cut 20 per cent of the city budget?"

About Forward Together:

Forward Together is the electoral organization supporting Mayor Kennedy Stewart and his team of city council candidates – Tesicca Truong, Russil Wvong, Jeanette Ashe, Hilary Brown, Dulcy Anderson, and Alvin Singh – for this fall’s Vancouver municipal election.

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Executive Director of Forward Together with Kennedy Stewart.