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Hilary Brown

Candidate for City Council

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I grew up in a single-parent family in a small town where I developed strong values around community and cooperation. When I was 22 years old, I moved to Vancouver in search of opportunity. Back then, young people got by on minimum wage, quickly moved up in their careers and could buy homes and raise families.

But in my first year here, everything changed. I was injured in an accident and became paraplegic. Thankfully, with help of healthcare workers, friends and family, I continued a productive life. It wasn’t easy. I experienced marginalization and exclusion, and it pushed me towards a career supporting those who felt the same way. 

As an advocate on accessibility issues, I worked with young disabled people and was named the B.C. Wheelchair Sports Association’s volunteer of the year. As an educator at Vancouver Community College, I support a diverse group of students striving to improve their lives – too many are worn out for class because they must work multiple jobs to pay their rent.

I’m running with Forward Together because I want to continue making life better for young people. I want to ensure the next generation has the same opportunities I had when I came here. I want to help move Vancouver forward.


Hilary has been instrumental in advancing opportunities for people with disabilities. I really admire his integrity and willingness to give back to our community.

Marni Abbott-Peter
Paralympic wheelchair basketball medalist