COVID-19 Economic Recovery 

Vancouver already attracts the best and brightest from across Canada and around the world. People who are the heart of our vibrant and diverse economy, from film to high-tech, from green energy to medical research, our city is leading the way.

Through the pandemic, Vancouver’s strong performance compared to other cities has proven the strength of our residents, non-profits, and businesses. But our performance is also due to fast action and strong leadership like supporting neighbourhoods with kilometres of slow streets and extra space for sidewalk queues. Supporting non-profits with social and arts grants. And supporting businesses with over 400 free patio permits, expanding bar capacities, and cracking down on high delivery app fees.

Now, as we chart our pathway to recovery, Kennedy understands we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in housing, transit, and infrastructure to help us emerge stronger from the pandemic as a city that works for everyone.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Mobilizing city government to respond to COVID-19 and charted a path for a strong economic recovery

  • Leading charge to extend the planned Broadway subway to end at UBC

  • Led initiatives to support our hard-hit businesses like restaurants, bars and cafes sector

  • Fast-tracked temporary patios and expanded service areas, worked to secure a cap on delivery app fees, seeking further expansion of service capacity for the hospitality sector

  • Kept grants for arts and cultural workers during COVID

  • Supported the creation of thousands of jobs building housing and commercial office space