Mayor Stewart’s statement on draft Vancouver Plan

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Mark Hosak
June 28, 2022

Vancouver, BC; June 28, 2022 – The following is a statement from Mayor Kennedy Stewart following the release by City staff of the final draft of the Vancouver Plan – a long-range, land-use strategy that will guide development and city planning to 2050 – that is coming to City Council on July 6 for decision:

“Right now, Vancouver does not have a comprehensive, long-range strategy. There is no overall plan to create the kind of Vancouver that is more equitable, sustainable, caring and prosperous. But that may all change next week, when City Council votes on the draft Vancouver Plan that staff are presenting.

On July 6, City Council can choose to unlock our ability to grow equitably and sustainably over the next 30 years, while housing the hundreds of thousands of new people expected to move to our city. Otherwise, we will continue to lock renters and those aspiring to be homeowners out of too many of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods.

In the draft plan, I see significant opportunities to support tenants and build more rental homes across the entire city, as well as open up single-family neighbourhoods to more homeownership options. Moreover, the Vancouver Plan opens up amenity-rich parts of the city — with parks, community centres, schools and other community infrastructure – to thousands of new residents.

The Vancouver Plan, if adopted by City Council, will put more and more people within walking distance of groceries, restaurants, clinics, pharmacies, shopping and the things they need for their daily lives. Plus, it will help keep families together while creating space for new families in all areas of the city.

I believe the Vancouver Plan is the future of our city, as we continue to build a Vancouver that works for all of us."

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