Mayor Stewart applauds contribution to lawsuit against Big Oil polluters

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Mark Hosak
July 25, 2022

Last week, City Council approved a motion setting aside $660,000 in the 2023 city budget to contribute to a pending class action lawsuit against the largest, richest, most influential oil companies in the world. This means Vancouver is one of the first municipalities to commit to this lawsuit, which demands that Big Oil polluters pay the price for the environmental damage they cause.

We continue to see the devastating effects of the climate crisis – heat waves, wildfires, and catastrophic flooding have all been worsened by climate change. In our city, just this year we have seen our seawall, Kits Pool, and Jericho Pier severely damaged by storms that are worsened by climate change. Somebody has to pay for these damages, and Big Oil polluters must be held accountable.

We know that climate change is here, and climate action is a key priority for Mayor Stewart and Forward Together. We championed a climate levy that will generate $100 million over the next decade to fund infrastructure upgrades and repairs that are needed because of climate change. We passed the landmark Climate Emergency Action Plan that sets the path for decarbonizing buildings and transportation, the two largest sources of emissions in the City of Vancouver.

But Ken Sim and the NPA voted against climate action. All NPA councillors chose to deprioritize climate action by voting against this contribution. They also voted against the climate levy which helps to fund our Climate Emergency Action Plan. They are not taking climate change seriously. Climate action will only become more costly if we refuse to act now.

Ken Sim and the NPA still don’t have a plan. Mayor Stewart knows that his job is to protect Vancouver from the effects of climate change, building an affordable and sustainable city with an equitable approach to climate justice. The NPA, however, are not working for you.

This contribution will be budgeted by city staff and voted on by the next Council in December – it is critical that Vancouver has a progressive majority fighting for meaningful climate action. 

Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Forward Together will continue to champion an equitable approach to the climate crisis.

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Executive Director of Forward Together with Kennedy Stewart.