3 commitments to move Vancouver’s night-time economy forward and build a 24/7 city

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June 08, 2022

Kennedy Stewart outlines three commitments to move Vancouver’s night-time economy forward and build a 24/7 city

Vancouver, BC; June 7, 2022
– Following an event with Vancouver’s night-time economy leaders, Mayor Kennedy Stewart outlined three key commitments he intends to include in the 2023 budget to help move forward with making Vancouver a 24/7 city.

“Vancouver has one of the hottest economies in North America right now, and it’s getting noticed,” said Mayor Kennedy Stewart. “Whether it’s building a thriving patio culture, lifting archaic liquor capacity caps, and attracting events like the Invictus Games and the World Cup, Vancouver has come a long way over the last four years. But as we continue to reopen to the world, we need to do more to help our night-time economy thrive and build a true 24/7 city.”

The Mayor committed to implementing three key initiatives this fall:

  1. A fully-funded Night Time Advocate Office to transform our night-time economy into a centrepiece of our city’s social fabric.
  2. Expanding the mandate of our enormously successful Sport Hosting Office to also attract conferences, conventions, music, and entertainment from all over the world.
  3. Harmonizing 3:00 AM bar closures along Granville St. and look to expand service and streamline regulations in other parts of Vancouver

“Before I became Mayor, I lived, worked and studied in world cities – including London, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris,” said Stewart. “I know that by working with our innovative cultural leaders, Vancouver can be the kind of city where there is so much to do, you can never do it all.”

Additional Quotes:

Nate Sabine, Blueprint
“Our city is a great one, but for too long the creative sector has been forgotten.  It’s fantastic that our industry - and the music, hospitality and culture that comes with it - is finally being recognized as the economic driver it is.  As the world returns to visiting Vancouver, it will be the bars, nightclubs, restaurants and events that will be among the first to welcome them.

Laura Ballance, Hospitality Vancouver Association
“Vancouver’s hospitality sector employs 10,000 people and generates approximately $750 million into the city’s economy annually, and it’s refreshing to see this impact being considered as part of the mix of the future success of the city. These commitments represent an extremely positive step forward for our sector, and we are excited to see our role as a significant contributor to the overall fabric of Vancouver recognized.”

For more information, please contact:

Mark Hosak
Executive Director 
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